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“Dr. White has done chiropractic adjustments on my horse Callie.  There is a noticeable difference after the adjustments. Callie had come flinching in her loins before the adjustments.  After the adjustments, the flinching has significantly decrease. Callie is also smoother in her lead changes when i ride her.  Dr. White is highly trained and very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable when Dr. White is adjusting my horse! You can tell Dr. White is very passionate and caring of all the horses!”

~ Laura Burgess

“I am just delighted that Becca has been coming to give my horses their chiropractic treatments. 

The horses haven’t had any problems requiring treatment, but instead I believe chiropractic treatments are just a good measure to maintain healthy horses.  [Becca] always suggests what I might do for exercises to keep the horses sound and happy. [Becca] has always been patient even when the horses have been a bit squirmy on windy days!  I am most grateful. Whenever she is headed our way, I have her put us on the schedule.”

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“My horses love their Chiro adjustments!  Dr. White does a fabulous job and they always feel so much better after she has worked on them!  I highly recommend her!”

~ Lisa Graf

~ Robin Fields

"My mare absolutely LOVES when Dr. White comes to do chiropractic work! Getting Lena on Dr. White’s schedule has made a world of difference in our rides. She moves so much better and so much more balanced. I had no clue how hard she was trying to work for me before Dr. White felt and fixed what was going on. The before and after was truly amazing. 


I love that Dr. White explains everything she’s thinking and finding along the way. She makes it easy to follow along and understand. I’ve learned so much from her visits!


I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about getting their horse checked out. Even if it’s just once to see what it’s all about. It’s worth every penny."

~ Audrie Hughes

"I can say with the utmost confidence that my life would not be the same without my horse. She

is a constant reminder to me that giving up is not an option. I was blessed with this beautiful,

absolutely amazing animal that we call Sophie almost 5 years ago. There was an instant

connection that I just can’t explain and from day 1 I knew I would provide her with the best of

everything and more love than she would know what to do with. I knew that she had cushings

and had foundered in the past, but that didn’t matter to me because I knew we could overcome

any obstacle together. With medication her Cushings would be controlled and everything would

be great (so I thought). On August 8th, 2019 my beautiful girl went from riding, going on walks,

loving on everyone and everyone loving on her to not being able to walk, being in an

unbelievable amount of pain, going down and not getting up, the light drained from her eyes and

when I stared into those big brown eyes all I could see was pain and suffering. At that moment I

lost it. Boy oh boy I didn’t think I could cry any more tears, but they kept coming. I called the vet

and she came immediately. Her Cushings was not in control, Laminitis, Foundering and even

worse, rotation. That was the first week of our hell. Our vet is amazing and we did everything.

Sophie was on so many medications she would just stare into space, no emotion, just lifeless.

At that point I just wrapped my arms around her and reminded her that giving up is not an

option. So we began our journey. I had the vet coming once a week then once every two weeks

constantly switching meds, adding meds, taking xrays, putting shoes on then taking the shoes

off and switching to soft ride boots with laminits gel inserts then she had thrush, then white line

disease, changing grain, keeping her in her stall at all times, the list goes on and on. Thousands

of dollars had been spent and just as I would think ok she’s getting better it would go bad again.

The vet was always here and when she wasn’t I was calling her constantly, the farrier was

always here, friends and family. It was just an emotional rollercoaster but giving up was not an

option. I did more research than I think I had done throughout highschool & college. I bought

any and everything that seemed like it was the perfect cure, but nope. Then I read about equine

acupuncture and chinese medicine so I asked our vet about it and she knew exactly who to call.

Rebecca White saved her life, saved me from the possibility of losing my sweet Sophie. I cannot

begin to put into words how amazing she is. She is so patient with both myself & Sophie, she

understands how terrified I am and has more compassion than almost anyone i’ve ever known.

She understands that I don’t understand the fundamentals of this whole new side of medicine

and without asking she explains everything step by step. She is so gentle & patient with Sophie,

the instant trust Sophie had in her and what she was doing is still unbelievable to me. She is the

most accommodating professional i’ve ever known, she completely gets that things happen that

are sometimes out of your control at the last minute. Since Sophie started seeing her she has

progressed so much. After the 1st time Sophie already was feeling less pain. On Thanksgiving

Day I went out to the barn to check on my sweet girl, not expecting anything from her but the

usual walk around and I was blown away. She ran past me, rolled all over the place (up, down,

up, down) then bucked all around like she was a youngster again. I text Dr. White immediately

almost exploding with such adrenaline and excitement and even on a Holiday where everyone

is busy and enjoying friends and family (I know as a business owner I don’t take calls/texts on

holidays) she texts me back within minutes and we text for about 30 minutes back and forth.

She wasn’t acting rushed or annoyed, she was so appreciative to me for sharing the news with

her. I could go on and on about our experiences with her, but I would be typing all day. Myself,

my family and Sophie are so blessed to have found her. Even now that Sophie is almost back to

perfect, I will continue to have her see my horses for as long my beautiful babies are with me.

She truly has saved my horses life. #truehorseangel "

~ Melissa Thomas & Sophie

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